Ch Bhim Singh Public School

Fee Structure

# Class Name Session 2023-2024
Admission Fee Monthly Fee Annual Charges Exam Fee
1 Nursery, L.K.G & U.K.G 1000 800 500 300
2 Class 1st to Class 2nd 1000 850 500 500
3 Class 3rd to Class 5th 1000 900 500 500
4 Class 6th to Class 8th 1000 950 1000 600

No payment of fees through cheques.
The fees may be paid in advance for the whole year or for a quarter. If not paid in advance, the fees of the running quarter will have to be paid before the end of the first month of that quarter after which a fine of Rs. 100 /- will be levied for late payment till the end of the quarter. If the fee of a previous quarter is not paid, in the subsequent quarters a fine Rs. 200/- per quarter will be charged, till the dues are cleared.
No reduction in fees is made on account of Summer and Winter holidays or other vacations or temporary absence.
School fees are calculated for a twelve month cycle.
All certificates other than T.C and Migration Certificate can be had for Rs. 50/- each per certificate.